The process Promineo software supports

A detailed description how Promineo boosts your process


Projects define their personnel needs by specifying Project Positions.  A Project Position is
defined by a Knowledge Type (what kind of expertise is required), start date, finish date and resource load (e.g. 50% for a half-time position).  Other details, such as resource location, or any project specific information, may also be included. Next, the unassigned Project Positions are distributed to the applicable department managers who then assign a person for each position.  For example, a position for a mechanical engineer will appear in the workspace of the line
manager for mechanical engineers.

Later, the project may identify a change in the need for a certain Project Position. The date and load details are then updated accordingly in Promineo. The Department Manager gets informed about the change, verifies it and reacts to potential conflicts.


Department managers know their people. They are key for obtaining optimal resource utilization. When projects request personnel through Project Positions, the department manager must find and assign the best person for the job.  A negotiation may take place between the project and the Department Manager, but it is essential to record the decision in Promineo.  For example, dates may be adjusted to enable a better candidate to take up the Project Position. If the project requires changes to the assignment, such as an extension, the department manager must verify the change and resolve any conflicts this may create with other Project Positions planned for that particular person.  If the department manager receives a Project Position that cannot be assigned to an existing resource working in the department, the department manager can use Promineo to search for resources outside the department or mark the position as to be hired or to be contracted to start the relevant process.

Sales and Business Development

Sales and business development estimate the Project Positions that are required to execute the projects in the sales pipeline. Exact details may not be available at this time and the Project Positions and schedules may only be preliminary estimations.  Pipeline projects can be created in Promineo individually or they can be created using templates based on typical projects. The estimated future projects create a basis for forecasting and strategic decision making where the horizon is determined by the type of business and duration of projects. Pipeline projects can be assigned go/get values to support probability analysis.

Human Resources

HR executes the rightsizing decisions made by the management and updates the HR system accordingly. Through its standard interface, Promineo automatically obtains the HR personnel register, including employee ID, name, start date, finish date, organization unit and other relevant properties, which are then made available for planning and calculating personnel availability.

Senior Management

The up-to-date information in Promineo enables management to make informed decisions and supports strategic planning. As the demand for services fluctuates and the project portfolio changes over time, Promineo gives management the tools it needs to determine how the organization should be modified to meet future needs.  Control of personnel need and availability is thus established.