Digitalization, where to start?

November 27, 2017

Sølve Mala

Digitalization is the current buzz word in the Oil and Gas industry. Companies are putting together work groups focusing on digitalization, and are spending heavily on investing in new technology.

Still, many companies are facing challenges utilizing the new technology to its full potential. What does it take to make a successful transformation to the new world of digitalization, and where should you start?

This paper verifies that in order to succeed with digitalization, companies must make sure they have the right people and organization to implement it. A digitalized execution model will require a new organization, where people are knowledgeable and motivated to make the change. For large organizations this requires a data driven approach to project staffing, and the first logical step is therefore to digitalize the project staffing process itself.

This is the essence of understanding that organization is a fundamental digital enabler.

The whitepaper is available at the link below.

Download the Whitepaper

About the author

Sølve Mala

Sølve Mala is VP, Business Development at Promineo, an international provider of software for Project Management and Resource Planning. He has worked and held management positions within professional service, media and software companies in the Oil and Gas industry for the past 10 years.

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