New Blog and New Us

January 16, 2020

Niki Saukolin

What to Expect from This Blog in the Future

Promineo is a software company. Our customers are typically project businesses that employ large numbers of “thinkers” - engineers, designers, consultants and developers - or knowledge workers if you will. For nearly 15 years we have been providing a solution that meets the needs of managing these resources, and enables strategic decision making based on high quality information. We term the process our software facilitates: “Knowledge Delivery Management”; hence the blog name “Knowledge Delivery Management Blog”.

The purpose of this blog is to focus on best practices and trends in managing personnel resources in project based businesses. Our goal is to highlight topics that are relevant in this area, elevate thinking that has proven successful, and share our experiences.

With this blog we wish to start sharing the learnings and insights from customer projects and meetings with business leaders. We hope that you will enjoy it, and find it valuable.

Mission and Branding

From time to time every company must refine its objectives, remind itself about the mission that it is on, and clarify the value that it aims to bring to its customers. As a part of this process it is natural to refresh the branding of the company, to underscore that a change has taken place and to introduce the New Us to the public.

At Promineo the past few months have been about introspection, revision and learning. About clarifying our purpose, re-formulating our mission and defining the New Us. The process is now complete, and we are ready to step out into the world.

Our mission has been refined, and it is clear. We are on a mission to develop software that ensures that our customers are able to achieve better personnel utilization, higher productivity and increased profits.

Importantly though, our mission also has another side. The side that is more human. The side that is concerned with the wellbeing of the people, the “thinkers”, managed using our software. By providing a clear overview of every project worker’s workload, our mission is to help ensure that the workload of each worker is manageable and the workforce is able to deliver what is expected of them without sacrificing their wellbeing.

To incorporate our mission into our branding, our new logo contains a bar chart. The chart not only visualizes the fact that we bring measurable value, each bar in the chart is also intended to stand for one of the four key elements our mission addresses – People, Process, Performance and Profits.

About the author

Niki Saukolin

Niki is the head of business development at Promineo and a software industry veteran with over 20 years of experience working with enterprise customers.

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