Three (3) Enablers of Knowledge Delivery Management

January 16, 2020

Niki Saukolin

How to get started with implementing Knowledge Delivery Management?

Do you feel that your organization could do a much better job of managing knowledge workers? Do you experience that getting the right allocation of resources across your project portfolio is challenging? Is it very demanding to get an understanding of how you can meet the resource needs of future projects? And most importantly - do you believe that better control over resources could significantly improve your company’s performance?

If you answer yes to any of the preceding four questions, you may find that implementing a Knowledge Delivery Management process will resolve these issues.

There are three (3) key enablers that are important to the successful implementation of Knowledge Delivery Management. If you get these three right, your likelihood of success will be very good and you will start to experience the feeling of control over resource management.

Three (3) Key Enablers of Knowledge Delivery Management:

(1) Cataloging knowledge

(2) Applying information technology

(3) Recognizing and elevating knowledge delivery as a subject matter

Cataloging knowledge – starting from the ground up, identify what type of knowledge (or roles if you like) are needed in order for you to delivery your products/services (e.g. project management, different types of engineering/development, etc.). The full list of the knowledge types required will form your Knowledge Catalog.

Applying information technology – select a data driven approach to management by implementing an appropriate software that is fit to support your resource management process. Remember that quality is key, so the software needs to be a part of everyday work not only a reporting solution.

Recognizing and elevating knowledge delivery as a subject matter – Knowledge Delivery Management is a strategically important process, requiring top management support. Make sure that the owner (or Knowledge Delivery Manager) is a senior manager with direct access to top management and influence over company strategy.

If you want to learn more about the topic, please read our whitepaper or contact us directly to discuss the topic.

About the author

Niki Saukolin

Niki is the head of business development at Promineo and a software industry veteran with over 20 years of experience working with enterprise customers.

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