Knowledge Delivery Management – What is it?

January 16, 2020

Leif Arild Åsheim

What is Knowledge Delivery Management?

Due to the high interchangeability in traditional labor, it is possible to manage this type of workforce basically as commodities, using traditional supply chain techniques and metrics. Knowledge workers are not similarly interchangeable and can not be managed as commodities, yet we  firmly believe that knowledge itself can be identified, cataloged, and managed.

If we can identify the knowledge required to complete a project, and at the same time identify what knowledge each knowledge worker is capable of delivering, we have a basis for managing, measuring and collecting metrics.

In short then, Knowledge Delivery Management defines a way for an organization to plan and manage its knowledge workers by placing knowledge, rather than people, at the center of the process. This makes it different from traditional personnel planning.

Effectively the concept has evolved as the result of Promineo’s direct experience with customers, and is supported by informal interviews with managers in over one hundred project companies.

Promineo just published a whitepaper defining Knowledge Delivery Management as a concept. By defining the concept we are striving to not only introduce a new way of thinking about resource planning, but also to elevate the function in order for companies achieve better results.

The whitepaper is available at the link below.

Download the Whitepaper

About the author

Leif Arild Åsheim

Leif Arild is the CEO of Promineo. He has accumulated international experience from large capital investment projects and held senior management positions within professional service and software companies for the past 20 years.

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